Fiction is Fiction – Is Your Mind Open?

I do not write of dragons or spaceships
Perhaps some day I will

I write about the mercury
That rises and falls
In my veins

The diamonds that are mined from
My eyes
When I feel something

I set fires in dark corners
So you can watch them burn
Or let them destroy you

You can deny them too
If fire’s not your thing

Perhaps you choose your books
Like you choose people
What does that say about you?

If you only like dragons and spaceships
You’ve closed your doors
Maybe your mind

In all that grey
What’s the matter?


The clouds float so slowly
White, tinged
Roasted marshmallow puffs
Soft subway cars for the chosen ones

I watch them from the copper sand
My eyes sting when the wind blows
I wait for my train to roll in

It whistles on rusty tracks
Stirring dustscapes on either side
Like the mane of a lion

My skin is golden
I have been layered by the sun
But I travel light

The train pulls up
Comes to a grinding halt

Spit drips from the self-proclaimed angels above me

I board my train

Time Keeper

The skin of the drum is smooth like mine
A hand glides across it, and my heart beats faster
There is a rhythm in who I am
Something ancient

Summoned with a touch
The base of a palm

They take me away
Place my heels in dreamscapes
Where I have lived a thousand times
Birthed and buried
While the bara played

In the distance
The horizon opens its arms
Tucks me into reflective ripples

The drum keeps time
Its skin as smooth as mine

Pressing Forward

You’re lying if you say
You know where you are
Where you are going

All you can claim
Is where you’ve been

I am here
I guess you are with me
In this moment
I like your company

This path is laid out
I am pressing forward

I am tired

My legs have traveled
And want rest

My load is heavy
I see yours is too

Let’s set them down
Shall we?

There’s no rush
Unless you have somewhere to be

I could stay right here
I’m done with the rocks
Under my feet
This weight on my shoulders
This relentless sun burning down

Do you know what I mean?
I think you do

I came here for solitude
But I like you

You don’t ask anything of me
You just listen

How ’bout we simply stay
Look around
Take in the beauty around us

You can leave any time you want to
Thank you for your

The Lone Wolf Howled

The trees marked midnight
The moon had a dull ache
The wolf wandered
The pack never noticed

On a path to hidden woods
The wolf slowly travelled
Free and afraid
The smell of blood
Dangled before its nose

Sorrow in the air
Drew a soulful howl from him
He’d been here before

His bones ached with loss
His hunger grew strong
From his gut emerged a shapely, pale ghost

It morphed into a man
A siren
A long-haired banshee
A monster

He sprung forward with an instinctual rush
And swallowed the phantom whole

With a beast in his belly,
The wolf continued
To the darker corners of the forest
His only company,
The spirits he kept within

The Love I Know

The thirst for cool water after indulging in salt
Drenching desire with the quench

The love I know is a sharp blade
Pointed to my neck
Cupid’s arrow at my jugular
A surge
A threat

It would let me bleed

My heart swelling
A sponge

Like that offered to Christ before death

The love I know leaves me weightless
Before gravity takes me down
My heels offer no cushion of wonder
Yet I wonder

Answers are scant

I know nothing

The love I know
Is a nap on the sofa in the afternoon

It expects nothing of me

But I am a greedy lover
And want it all

The love I know is an open road
Stretched out before me

I have been
I am propelled forward
I am here

Eternal sunshine
She wants the

Spots removed
From the grey matter
A calm for the brainwaves
That are crashing onto the shore

Untouching the

The mermaid has a choice to make

To wade in the deep
Or surface on the sand