The dark has nestled
In every crevice
Of my bones

Pouring itself
Its cold heavy self
Like syrup
Replacing every ounce
Of marrow

And covering the mouth
Of my heart
With its hands
In the stillness

All I had to say
To write
To love

I am dark
The sun used to peek in these cracks
That now hold soot
And sorrow


Memories never drown
They’ll help you float
Or take you down
No matter how shallow

The water

Keeps you warm in
Pushes you out of
The womb

Giving you life
Calling on you to swim

Sirens tell you they’re your friends
Mermaids too

They draw you to the waves

Wrap themselves around you
Promising the comforts of home

Then they vanish
Leaving you to find your way to shore

The Boxer

Clenched fists
The contender
Jabbed at her oponent
Fancy in her footwork

Like a black swan
In pointe shoes
Doing grande jetes
In a sea of white

Her left hook sending feathers everywhere

The final round, done

Her heart, splattered
All over the mat

She threw off her gloves

Title Me

No consolation
Dust in my eyes
Wrath in the skies

I sit
Leaning against a tree
Whose leaves are bountiful
Green as anything new
Bursting with life
In the shape of foliage
And branches that reach down
To embrace me

The sun hangs
Knowing full well
The night will come
Like a mistress who outshines her

Under my feet
Deep in the earth
Its core
Melts and freezes
Over and over

A rumble
Beneath the bright green grass

Memory Gas

I’d look to my mother for comfort
Resting my head on her hip on the sofa
My whole body felt a warm bath
As I grew, the water grew cold
Drained from the tub
I stood
Dripping wet
I took a towel and
Dried myself off
Carried on
Just as she did

Mothers swirl in the bubbles
Comfort or drown us
With their warm wombs
Before pushing us out
Into the light
Into the life

Unleashing our own streams
Her long brown hair was my waterfall
Now my daughter runs her hands through mine
Making a splash in my soul

I count the ripples
As they wave through me
Vibrant rings, head to toe

I will keep counting
Until I am left counting only my wrinkles
And can’t remember her name.


It’s a heavyweight I wrestle with
I shadowbox with earthy clouds
They hit me hard
Knock me out

I fold when my gut is struck
The air in my lungs escapes
And I fall to the ground

Sweat blends with tears
I am bedazzled with them
On my knees
I sparkle

When I entered the ring
I never thought
I’d be undone
By my

The Wander

Long ago
Obsidian eyes scanned the distance
Between heart and mind

It was marked with rivers
And lonely islands

Few survived the journey
Yet everyone set out to try

Traveling the meandering path
Gaining companions along the way
Losing them too

On a scenic route
Where white flags waved gently
Where thoughts held up traffic

Where laughter was confused with weeping

Landmarks appeared
Like paintings on a wall

Those of the loved and left behind