Exit Ahead

Ever wonder who will be waiting for you
At the pearly gates
If you’re headed that way


I hope it isn’t a Walmart greeter
Or someone you owe an apology to

Maybe Heaven is a big white quiet
One that we wait for all our lives

Or that transitional state
Where you can’t resist falling asleep
Your eyes simply close
And you drift into rest
With God rocking the cradle

And what of Hell?

I think it’s like Studio 54
Great music
The Devil is the DJ
Bodies writhing
A fiery red disco ball
And a hot rush through your veins

This life ends
Like a lane you drive on
You have to merge when it’s gone

You’ve been depreciating
From the moment you left the lot
Withering in the wuthering

Burning rubber
Top down
Wind in your hair
Slamming the brakes
Once you reach your destination

Enjoy the ride

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