Under The Tree

Caught in the summer rain
They sprawled
On a verdant bed

Her hands were like the sheltering tree’s green leaves
Young and soft
Like the skin on her thighs

Her heart

Her face

Fleshed with youth
Taut with know-it-all innocence


The rest of the world vanished
When he touched her
Their lips spoke in kisses

Hungry breaths met the thunder
The breeze swirled in their mouths
Feeding on their sighs

Her hair was wet whisky
Gingerly sticking to her face
As they made love
Two storms
Relieved the heat of August

Summer passed

Fall arrived

Their grassy berth
Became a crisp bed of leaves
They rolled in the orange and red and yellow and brown
Like they were in Klimt’s Birch Forest
Until the sky hung Van Gogh’s Starry Night above them

The nights grew longer
The days cooled
And their earthy bed
Was made with sheets of snow

Snowflakes replaced the falling leaves
Cool crystals cascaded from the clouds
Winter was no match
For their love-stoked fire

Spring came quickly
Bees flew to waiting flowers
Sweet honey dripped

Love was well seasoned

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