Kansas was twizzled
Dusted back to the beginning
Dorothy’s dreams were wrapped in a storm

She woke with a map rolled up in her hand
Hers to unfold

The Land Of Oz
Cartouche brought to life on the page

A scarecrow appeared from the corn fields
Holding a pair of red shoes
He helped squeeze her feet into the sequins pumps
Like Prince Charming on bended knee
And told her she’d be going places

She remembered Alice
Oz was the new Wonderland
She wasn’t going down that road
Even if it sparkled with yellow brick

It took the roar of a cowardly lion to change her mind
He called her friend and asked her to lead the way
Lion and scarecrow in tow, she did the legwork

Past the poppy fields, there creaked a tin man
He begged for oil to make him limber
Dorothy obliged the shining Knight
And invited him to join their quest

Across the road of yellow brick
A motley crew made their way
Armed with rubies, straw, fur, and tin
Emerald City was not far away

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